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Home » MAIN PARTS LISTING -- CLICK HERE » Cylinder Heads & Air Intake » Valve Covers and Breathers

Valve Cover Breather Tank
Product ID: 85465


We offer the best way to keep oil from flowing off your valve covers and onto your exhaust to prevent any embarrassing smoking while cruising down the street...

 NOTE: Price is per tank. We also carry all fittings and braided hose to make this kit complete. Call for pricing!

Price: $89.95

Valve Cover Breather, 1"
Product ID: BR1170


K&N crankcase vent filters have a one piece design with a chrome top and a vent tube added to the base. Filters can be pressed into rubber grommets in valve covers for direct mounting. All base plates are chrome plated. Fits Champion valve covers. Grommets not included.

Note: Will not fit stock valve covers

 Sold separately so please adjust quantity as needed..

Price: $24.95

Valve Cover Breather w/ shield
Product ID: BR1516


K&N crankcase vent filters are designed for racing but are sporty enough for show cars. Shield and top plate are chrome-plated for beauty and durability. Universal “Push-In” one-piece filter and grommet for Champion and all valve covers with 1 1/4" hole.

Note: Will not fit stock valve covers

Sold separately so please adjust quantity as needed..

Price: $21.99

Breather By-Pass Kit
Product ID: BR1580-Buick
Breather By-Pass Kit
This kit consists of a passenger’s side breather with a chrome-plated cap and a rubber plug to close off the turbo inlet bell. Many of these turbo cars are getting oil into the intercooler which, in turn, causes the hose connections to loosen up on the inlet pipe. If this problem is allowed to continue, it will gum up the throttle body and cause your turbo to run rough. This breather eliminates that pipe and the danger of oil going through your system. The metal top isn’t affected by the heat of the turbo. Nothing else to buy. You can easily return your car to stock.

NOTE: This breather by-pass kit may not be legal for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles in California and other states.
Price: $19.95

Valve Cover Adapter for Oil-Catch Can
Product ID: ENG121


Cotton's very own billet aluminum valve cover adapters that fit into your aftermarket 1" i.d. breather grommet to allow -12AN female fittings for an oil catch can set-up. No welding, no headaches. Grommets not included.

 Sold separately so please adjust quantity as needed..

Price: $21.00

Valve Cover Angle Adapter for Push-In Breather
Product ID: ENG122


Cotton's very own billet aluminum angled breather adapters that fit into your aftermarket 1" i.d. breather grommet to allow 1" i.d. push-in style breathers.

 Sold separately so please adjust quantity as needed..

Price: $25.00

Valve Covers, Buick 6 Logo
Product ID: HE-VCB6


The Champion valve cover is quickly becoming the #1 aluminum valve cover for the turbo V-6. Precision thick wall aluminum alloy casting for even gasket compression and no Leaks. CNC machined for consistent fit. Clearance for roller rocker arms. Unique spot-face and chamfer design breather bore accepts all popular breathers and maintains positive seal between breather and cover. No clearance problems. Bolts, washers and grommets included. Eye appealing and functional. A must for roller rocker installations.  

 Make sure you order gaskets and your choice of breathers

Price: $189.00

Valve Covers, GN1 Logo
Product ID: HE-VCGN



Champion 'GN1' Valve covers. Comes with hardware and grommets.

These covers fit aftermarket roller rockers.
Price: $189.00

AN & NPT Fittings and Hose
Product ID: RH


We carry them ALL! Whether you're setting up a custom fuel system, routing transmission cooler lines, or mocking-up an engine oil catch-can, we've got the fittings and hose you need now at an even more affordable price!


Price: $0.00

Valve Covers, low-profile
Product ID: TAV1325B


Specifically designed to clear roller rockers and stock rockers on all stock and TA Performance cylinder heads while also providing plenty of clearance to the A/C box!

Comes with Allen Head Bolts and Grommets

*Does NOT fit 198 or 225 V6, Stage 2 Buick Heads.

Price: $189.95

Valve Cover Gaskets
Product ID: VS50156C


Cork Felpro Gaskets, highly recommended. We use weather strip adhesive on the gasket to valve cover and then bare cork to head surface.
Price: $22.00

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