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Rear End Girdle
Product ID: GRDTA1807


Made from 356-T6 cast aluminum, these girdles incorporate a reinforced crossbar. The crossbar houses the load bolts that apply pressure to the bearing caps. This feature, along with the thick casting, prevents bearing cap deflection under severe loads. Which in turn greatly reduces or eliminates (in most cases) bearing cap fatigue and failure. They also add fluid capacity, which helps to lower the fluid temperature. Comes with drain and fill plugs for easy maintenance.

Includes gasket, bolts, and instructions

Price: $179.95

Downpipe, 3" internal wastegate
Product ID: TA_V2008A


3” Stainless Steel Downpipe straight from TA Performance for those wanting better flow with their stock style internal wastgate set-up. Incudes “Y” test-pipe, hardware and gasket.
Also available in 3.5" SS ...... Call for more options available, with or without Y-pipe, with or without test pipe
Price: $630.00

Turbo V6 Headers, Stock Replacement
Product ID: TA_V2009


 These new Stainless Steel Stock Replacement 231 Turbo V6 headers will retain the same high tech features and manufacturing methods used in our highly successful performance headers, the best fitting and most powerful Turbo V6 headers ever produced and sold.

All fabrication and materials will be 100% USA, nothing imported. The turbo flange will also be the same precision cut 3/8" thick piece currently on TA performance V6 headers with elongated hole for precise turbo/downpipe alignment. These headers should fit all downpipes that fit with stock headers.

The stock drivers side header is notorious for cracking at the collector, requiring it to be welded or replaced. Since our driver's side header will be a direct stock replacement, it is available to purchase just a replacement header for the driver's side. In addition, being that a stock type crossover pipe will be utilized, they are available as a single purchase part also.

These headers feature a 1.5” primary header tube diameter and a 2.25” crossover tube diameter.

Price: $843.00

Stainless Steel Turbo V6 Headers
Product ID: TA_V2010CH-SS


Make this the last set of headers you will ever have to buy for your `86 or `87 Grand National, GNX, T-Type and Turbo Regal. This all new design incorporates our new flanges that allow the use of 8 or 14 bolt heads, clearance for starters,as well as 3 or 3.5 inch downpipes. Our exclusive double wall slip fit crossover and thick 1/2” flanges provide for a leak free installation. Header kits come with all gaskets and mounting hardware.

Optional 4 bolt headers are also available from the dropdown menu below

Note: Headers do NOT fit stock downpipes.

Price: $1,265.00

TA Harmonic Balancer
Product ID: TA_V2026


Turbo, Internal & External Balancer. Can be used as interior or exterior with removable weight.

Note: All Production Buick Engines Were Externally Balanced

Stock & Stock Replacement Buick Balancers are not pressed on, they should slide on by hand. Forcing the balancer on could cause the balancer to crack at the keyway.

TA V2026 Series balancers are now reproduced from billet. These are direct replacements for stock but they are also SFI approved!

Price: $319.95

V6 Stage 1 SI Aluminum Cylinder Heads - ASSEMBLED
Product ID: TA_V3850_SI-A


TA’s V6 Stage 1 Street Intimidator (SI) series heads requires the least investment in order to upgrade to aluminum heads. Provides considerable performance gain right out of the box or can be upgraded and ported for more serious combinations. These heads are Plug-n-Play with stock rockers, as well as your current Intake, Exhaust and Valve Covers, etc.

Intake Manifold: TA, Stock, BGC
Exhaust Manifold/Headers: Stock
Rocker Assembly: Stock, TA V1309SI Series
Head Stud Kit: TA 1133A (8 bolt) TA 1133B (14 bolt)
Power Potential: Will support up to 1000 HP
Valves Int./Exh: 1.940 / 1.600
CFM (base) Int./Exh: 211 / 166 .500” Lift
CFM (max) Int./Exh: 247 / 195 @ .550” Lift
Chamber CC’s: 46
Runner CC’s Int/Exh: 156 / 72
Price: $1,890.00

Timing Cover
Product ID: TA1530


Fits All 215-225-231-252-300-340-350, Timing Cover.
Features front seal retention screws for Turbo V6 to prevent front seal blowout.
The standard volume cover comes with front seal ONLY. Gears must be purchased separately if not re-using stock.
High Volume Timing Cover (TA_1530C) includes front seal AND high-volume gear set.
Price: $219.95

Cam Bearings - Teflon Coated
Product ID: TA1557


TA's hardened bearing series incorporates a steel backed teflon coated alloy material. The hardened bearings also incorporate a larger footprint to distribute the additional loads created by higher pressure valve springs.

Price: $88.00

Valve Covers, low-profile
Product ID: TAV1325B


Specifically designed to clear roller rockers and stock rockers on all stock and TA Performance cylinder heads while also providing plenty of clearance to the A/C box!

Comes with Allen Head Bolts and Grommets

*Does NOT fit 198 or 225 V6, Stage 2 Buick Heads.

Price: $189.95

Product ID: TAV3800-ON


• Available in on-center or off-center configurations
• Six bolt mains, 4 vertical, 2 horizontal
• Dual bell housing bolt pattern to fit all GM transmissions
• Improved oil passages and grooved main journals for maximum oil delivery
• Thick steel sleeves for strength and overbore options up to 4.000"

Call for pricing and availability!

Price: $4,495.00
Out of Stock

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