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Boost Controller, variable 0-25
Product ID: 10402-25


The “VBC” kit can adjust boost pressure on any external wastegate or factory dual port actuator. Adjustable from 0psi to the indicated pressure and up to 25psi.

 For External Wastegates

Price: $109.99

Manual Boost Controller
Product ID: 31113


This manual boost controller is CNC manufactured out of one piece billet 6061 aluminum. The design incorporates both a ball-and-spring as well as bleed for full control over tuning boost curve on internal wastegates, single port actuators. The heart of the Billet Boost Controller’s design is its clickadjustable knob for precise adjustment when increasing or decreasing boost. The BBC comes with boost/vacuum line, a mounting bracket, three air bleeds, wire ties, and detailed installation instructions.

 For internal wastegates

List Price: $169.95
Price: $99.95

Godzilla Blow-Off Valve
Product ID: BYPS10765
Godzilla Blow-Off Valve
A totally unique design! The Turbonetic's "Godzilla" bypass valve assembly offers the ultimate in surge protection and cosmetic appeal. Highest flow capacity available - bar none! Aircraft-quality construction featuring a 1.8" (45mm) diameter all stainless steel valve assembly and a totally sealed actuator assembly. All polished aluminum with a unique V-band mount that allows a full 360-degree orientation. Includes 2" diameter discharge for system connection and weldable steel alloy and aluminum mounting flanges.
Price: $349.00

Duo-35 Blow-Off Valve
Product ID: BYPS11490


The Turbonetic's Duo 35 blow off/bypass valve is one of the best performing and most versatile design available. Its dual cross tunnel discharge ensures the fastest possible response to protect your turbo and other engine components from damage during throttle lift. The Duo 35 can be used as either a re-circulating bypass valve venting back into the air intake, or as a blow off valve venting to the atmosphere. Available in gun metal with red GT-K inspired vent horns 

• Dual Discharge for Max Flow and Flexible Install
• Pressure Chamber Design Prevents Leaks
• Pull-Type Valve for Low & High Boost Applications
• Comes with all flanges and hardware necessary for installation

Price: $219.00

Turbonetics TE44 Turbo
Product ID: CPT-44


60-1 Comp Wheel
57 Exhaust Wheel

3" Comp Inlet
2" Comp Outlet

.63 a/r Grand National 3-bolt Exhaust Housing
Price: $895.00

Turbonetics TE60 Turbo
Product ID: CPT-60


60-1 Comp Wheel
62 Exhaust Wheel

3" Comp Inlet
2" Comp Outlet

.63 a/r Grand National 3-bolt Exhaust Housing
Price: $895.00

Turbonetics HP F1 Turbochargers
Product ID: CPT60series-HP


Turbonetic's big shaft, VSR balanced turbochargers. This turbo comes with a standard 60-series 4" in / 2.5" out compressor housing and .63 a/r GN 3-bolt exhaust housing, along with the patented new F1 turbine wheels, new HP compressor wheels, and ball-bearing rotating assemblies.

Price: $1,295.00

Turbonetics HPC Billet F1 Turbochargers
Product ID: CPT60series-HPC


Turbonetic's popular 60-series turbochargers now with the NEW HPC Billet compressor wheels which provide even greater efficiency and airflow coupled with the F1 turbine wheels. These ball-bearing units are big shafted and VSR balanced.

List Price: $1,395.00
Price: $1,395.00

Turbonetics T Series HPC Billet / F1 Turbochargers
Product ID: CPTTseries-HPC


HPC compressor wheel and F1 turbine wheel equipped... These T-Series turbos are guaranteed to kick the competition to the back of the line! Comes standard with a ball-bearing rotating assembly and .63 a/r GN 3-bolt exhaust housing.

Price: $1,495.00

NewGen External Wastegate
Product ID: EXWG10733
NewGen External Wastegate
A totally new concept from Turbonetics! The NewGen's swing valve design is unique for a remote type of wastegate that offers a clear exhaust path to regulate gases (as opposed to a poppet type wastegate) to maintain and control operating boost pressure. The NewGen wastegate features V-band type connection, a billet cap, a cast stainless base, and a 2" inconel swing valve and has the capability to control 1000+ HP. During R&D testing, the NewGen wastegate outflowed the nearest competitor by 50%. Installation is made easy with stainless steel Turbonetics V-band clamps on both inlet and discharge outlets
List Price: $950.00
Price: $719.00

38mm External Wastegate, Turbonetics
Product ID: EXWG10780
38mm External Wastegate, Turbonetics
The new Turbonetics Evolution redefines performance for external mounted boost control. Utilizing the latest technology in flow design and materials, the Evolution features an investment cast 304 stainless body designed with computer flow analysis. "Nitronic 60" stainless steel one-piece valve, and polished aluminum billet cap. Nearly 25% smaller than the Deltagate, it is sized to fit into the tightest turbo systems. Fitted with a rolling type diaphragm and floating valve seat, it is equipped to comfortably handle 400+ HP and out flows the competition by almost 20%
List Price: $345.15
Price: $299.00

NewGen HP External Wastegate
Product ID: EXWG11105


The HP Newgen was built to withstand the enormous back pressures that can occur when boost is the only way to more power. This is especially true when maximum compressor wheel sizes are enforced for certain racing classes. The HP Newgen is built with even more bomb proof components to ensure accurate boost control at the highest pressure ratios.

 Horsepower Rating: 1000hp (30psi+)

List Price: $995.00
Price: $899.00

45mm External Wastegate, Turbonetics
Product ID: EXWG11240


The brand new Turbonetic's RG-45 replaces the legendary Racegate in our wastegate lineup. Built with the latest technology such as stainless steel base, inconel high temp valve, high temp fluro-silicone diaphragm, and v-band connections all in a very small frame size. Like its name suggests, the gate has a 1.77''/45mm valve and is good for powerplants making up to 750 HP.

List Price: $449.00
Price: $419.00

Turbonetics GTK HP Turbochargers
Product ID: GTK-HP


These turbo units feature special Map Enhancement Porting to allow the compressor wheel to operate at its maximum efficiency across a very broad RPM range. This design has precisely placed slots machined into the compressor housing to limit the effects of surge, as well and provides additional air flow to make maximum horsepower at high boost pressure levels and across the entire RPM range.

Comes standard in ball-bearing and T4 4-bolt 4" V-band exhaust housing.

Price: $0.00

Turbonetics GTK HPC Billet Turbochargers
Product ID: GTK-HPC


The GTK series, Turbonetic's premium turbochargers covering the 325 to 1050 horsepower range, is expanding its lineup with HPC forged billet aluminum compressor wheels in the newly developed GT-K 600, 700, 750, 850, and 1050 turbochargers. A further development over the HP compressor wheels, the HPC compressor wheels provide even greater efficiency and airflow. To withstand the extreme pressures, HPC compressor wheels are machined from forged blanks instead of standard bar stock. Wheels machined from forged blanks have stronger blades and wheel hubs, allowing maximum airflow while minimizing rotating mass.

Comes standard in ball-bearing and T4 4-bolt 4" V-band exhaust housing.

Price: $0.00

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