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Single Air Fuel Meter
Product ID: 170401


Proper engine tuning is essential to achieving maximum performance and avoiding costly, premature engine failure. Unfortunately, until now digital air/fuel meters have only offered single sensor measuring capability. This meant engine tuners were only able to monitor the air/fuel ratio on one side of the engine, while being left to play a guessing game with the other cylinder bank. Now there is a way to eliminate the unknown, allowing you to tune carburetor jetting and EFI air/fuel ratios with confidence and complete accuracy.

List Price: $466.02
Price: $429.99

FAST XFI Electronic Fuel Injection
Product ID: 301000


Aggressive camshaft profiles, high compression, and most other horsepower-increasing modifications seldom run well with even the most radically tuned factory ECU. And if the project at hand is swapping a late model EFI engine into an older vehicle, prospective new “fuelie” guys have to gain a whole lot of electrical knowledge in a hurry, or dig that tired carbureted setup out of the pile of obsolete parts in the back of the garage. That’s where FAST™ steps in to save the day with XFI™ -the easiest to install and tune aftermarket EFI system in the industry!

Designed for in-car tuning with your laptop. Comes with new XFI box, laptop to XFI communication cable, software and wide-band O2. Also, starter program for injector of choice and the best support in the industry!


List Price: $1,950.99
Price: $1,699.00

XFI Standalone EFI Control Unit With Internal Data Logging Option
Product ID: 301003


For a limited time only... call today and order your new XFI with internal data logger at this new introductory price, don't hessitate as this is for a limited time only!!!!

 This kit comes with ecu, WBO2, comm cable, software, usb to serial port adapter, buick jumper harness for direct plug in and most importantly the best support in the community.. call today

As always, a discounted price on your choice of injectors and a starter program to fire that baby right up..

List Price: $2,099.00
Price: $1,899.00

FAST™ XFI™ eDash
Product ID: 301517


Up to 20 Live Data Readings, On-The-Fly Tune Changes & More; By Single Connector

The XFI™ eDash makes harnessing the power of FAST™ XFI™ systems even easier. The unit lets users view multiple sensors in real-time and make popular adjustments without any software, laptops or switches. This direct plug-and-play piece is compatible with all FAST™ XFI™ and XFI Sportsman™ setups and provides an attractive, modern electronic digital dash that is small and compact, yet very readable. The full-color, touchscreen hand-held doesn’t require a laptop or software as the unit automatically senses the EFI system to which it is attached. The plug-and-play capability is available due to the fact that it connects using the current XFI™ wiring harness Calport connector. The unit also features multiple live data sensor screens, which include various electronic digital dashes highlighting combinations of commonly used sensors. It includes suction cup and articulating quick-release mount, making dash or window mounting easy. Must have laptop for initial XFI™ setup procedure and tuning.
List Price: $839.95
Price: $359.75

FAST LSX 78mm Throttle Body w/ TPS
Product ID: 54017


All FAST throttle bodies are machined from super strong 6061-T6 billet aluminum on precision CNC machining centers for consistent quality and light weight.

Fits LSX™ GEN III, LS1, LS2, LS6 Intake Manifolds

Price: $400.00

XFI FLASH Selector Program
Product ID: CASP-108122


Price: $59.95

O2 Bung
Product ID: EX102
O2 Bung
18mm X 1.5 stainless steel weld-in bung for adding oxygen sensors to your exhaust
List Price: $10.00
Price: $10.00

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